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Why Buy from Roswell Wool?

    Welcome to Roswell Wool, home of the premiere wools in the nation.  Because of the exceptional length and color of New Mexico wool, our wools continuously draw both domestic and international buyers.  Roswell Wool also handles many of the premiere wool producers from throughout the Western, Southwestern and Midwestern US.  More and more each year, the leading wool producers look to Roswell Wool for their marketing needs.  We handle the largest volume of wool in the U.S. under one roof.  We invite you to inspect our wools and see how we do business at anytime.  We have five sealed bid sales per year, all bids are on a greasy basis, FOB Roswell Wool.  We also regularly ship to International buyers on a CAD (Cash Against Documents) basis or by letter of credit.  All new buyers must register with us prior to a scheduled sale, first time buyers will be on letter of credit terms.  We have the volume to help put together loads of like or various types of wools to meet your needs.  Please reference our wool inventory page, these wools will be offered at our upcoming sales.  New buyers can register online here.  After you register online, a link will be provided that will take you to a page with a printable registration/application form, the printable form is required, so please print, complete, and mail to us.  If you prefer not to register online first, it is not required - used to speed up the process, you can go straight to the printable registration form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of buying at Roswell Wool

  1. Large Volume - 4 plus million lbs. annually
  2. Handling the best wools in the country
  3. Multiple Scheduled Sales
  4. We will store your purchases free of charge for up to 3 months
  5. Wools available from throughout the Western US
  1. All main lines are core tested to international standards
  2. Specialty Wools Available
  3. All buyers have an equal opportunity to purchase available wools
  4. "Dedicated to a Tradition of Integrity" isn't just our motto, it's our reputation

Read more about Roswell Wool here - About Us